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And so with the Ugly Mugz project underway, I find the WeenerMan perched behind the same card-table under the same old oak tree on the village square.

“Now what?” I ask, “You handing out the Ugly Mugz yet.”

The Weenerman shakes his head, “I am selling rare mineral samples.”

I take a look at the pile of rocks on the card table, “Those look like rocks right out of the bottom of the Too Much Creek.”

The Weenerman grins mysteriously, “You may know that, and I may know that, but the tourists won’t know that, besides, I hosed them off, so the Rocks are greatly improved.”

Just then a pick-up pulls up with some country-rock blaring out of the back, “Hey, I hear you’re selling some new Rock.”

“Well, this is my Rock Group,” he motions to his pile of stones from the bottom of Too Much Creek.”

“They any good?”  Driver calls down.

“They can Rock and Roll,” the Weener shouts back.

“Fine, what Band are they, they gotta have a name?”

The Weenerman rolls one accross the Table.

“Oh Yeah,” the Driver calls down, “The Rolling Stones, I’m not into Classical. Got anything else.”

“Just took delivery on these,” HM WeenerMan sets the box on the card table.

“Hey Greast!” the Driver calls down, “The Ugly Mugz came in, I’ll take mine, Googley will have a big laugh when he sees his Mug.”

WeenerMan holds the box up, “Help yourself.”

The Driver pulls one out, “Hey, this isn’t Googley at tall!”

I look to WeenerMan, “What?”

Weenerman says in aside, “We told Ernie to do his Best, so Judge Patrick was his Very Best Chararactiture.”

“I should have known,” I frown.

“Hey, Judge Patrick, this is even better,” the Driver calls down, “googley will get a real kick outof this, Thanks Man!”

And the Driver roars off, Hm Wenerman grins and says, “Lucky beats Skill in a two-horse race everytime, a new philosophical point.”



About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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