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Speaking of Greg McIntyre, he was in one of his law and oreder moods today. He was standing in front of Weenerman’s card-table wearing the cowboy hat, the cowboy boots, and the custom leather belt. And he was doing his best to do a speak in a manner not unlike his hero, one John Wayne. Normally, he’d talk like us normal people, (stretching the word, ‘Normal’ there.) But right now it was, “Well Pardner, I’ve come here to have a look at your inventory there that you’re purveying on the Square of this town here.”

Yep Greg McIntyre always has fancied that he’d be a square-jawed lawman some day. Like Back when we’d play DuneSmoke, Greg would usually be the town marshal, there’d be some of the guys like clem and Chet who’d be the cowboys, me and the Weenerman would end up with the Tribal Peoples, and Ernie would get in on the Scruffians.

We seemed to play it shortly after a rerun of GunSmoke. But the simal;arity rapidly deteriorated from there.

The Town marshal was supposed to go around and keep the peace between the Cowboys and the Tribal Peoples. Meanwhile the Scruffians were supposed to be at their secret hideout plotting some sort of mayhem and misdemeanors. The Town marshal was sujpposed to discover the Scruffians Secret Hideout, get together a posse, and then go round up the Scruffians.

At least that was how it was supposed to go.

What ususally happened was that after the first hour, the Cowboys would have to go home and catch up on chores, like milking or hauling cow-patties out to the feild. The Tribal Peoples would get lost in the woods and be busy trying to find their way out.

And the Scruffians would be holed up in their secret hideout. The Hideout wasn’t that hard to find. You just had to look for a bunch of bicycles parked in front of Bascom’s General Mercantile, Or the Grocery, or the Pharmacey. The Scruffians could be found inside trying to make their bottles of Murky Green Pop last wile they snuck quick reads of the latest comic books.

The Barber Shop had a good supply of comics too. but that would have meant the Scruffians risked losing their scalps when the Barber Shop weren’t too busy.

Marshal McIntyre hardly needed a posse round up the Scruffians. By the time he found them, the Scruffians had pretty much wore themselves out arm wrestling over if Doc ZZZ would have the Green Machine Special rebuilt in time for Commander Zeke to save Trackisville from the Golden Demolisher in the next comic.

Greg always took it in stride. Anyways, he needed the Scruffians in order to deputize them into the Posse Commission to form a search party to help in go track down the ‘tribal peoples’ who would probably be still trying to find their way out of the Wilds along the Too Much Creek. They’d extract the ‘tribal peoples.’ By then the cowboys would be caught up on chores, and we’d all have a murky green pop in front of the Sam Bascom Merchantile and call it a day. Or break up and run off to as see what was on TV. Or go fishing along the Too Much Crrek for Joke Catfishes.

And so there wasn’t the big Showdown like on Gunsmoke. But as Greg McIntyre put it, they just never got around to showing the episodes where nothing much happened in Dodge City.


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