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The Weenerman notices Pyrene and Twisty are carrying a tub of something. He sniffs the air. “Some sort of primal sensory memory comes back,” HM announces, “could that be Old Fashioned Vanilla ice Creme in that tub you bear?”
“Geuessed right, Oh Fuzzy-Faced one,” Twistene jests back, “The Clip-Clop Dairy dropped off their newest flavored ice cream, and we’re handing out free samples, she sets the tub on the card-table, “And we saw you boys working so hard accross the street, we decided to come over and give you a free sample, some dessert.”
  “Well we saw you guys sitting accross the street and felt sorry for you,” Pyrene concedes.

Twistine dips out a scoop of ice creme and holds it up, “Don’t suppose you boys don’t have bowls or dishes to put this into does you?”

Weenerman thinks quickly and pulls a mug out of the box, “How ’bout this?”

“That’ll work,” Pyrene says seriously.

Right before she drops a scoop of ice creme in HM’s mug, Twistene observes, “Looks like someone drew a little picture of Judge Patrick right here on the side of this mug, how cute.”

“Trade you one for the rest of the ice cream,” the Weenerman offers.

“How ’bout you guys carry the boxes out and rewax the tables in at the Burdock,” Pyrene counter-offers.

We all nod our heads in reluctant agreement.

The girls top off our mugz and walk, practiclaly skip back to the Shop.

“Them girls sure drove a hard-bargian,” the Weenerman frowns, “Imagine, actually having to work for our share of the ice creme.”

But Erie has a spponful of the ice creme and grins, “But this ice creme is sure worth it.”

We all agree with Ernie and dig in.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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