Getting Out

So while I’m off trying to fire up the Rodney-Mobile, HM Weenerman has explained Ernie’s task to Ernie. Twice.

As it so happens, by the time I get the Rodney-mobile fired up, Ernie is finishing up, “Had him make up the signs. Ernie’s busy putting them around town and thereabouts.”

“Rodney didn’t want to start up today,’ I comment, “And so what there abouts have you been up to?”

The Weenerman looks both ways, and then says in a low voice, “I have been involved in technical business negotiations..”

Then I hear a sharp whistle, and Twistine is motioning, ‘Hey you, get over here and help us carry this stuff accross.”

The Weenerman motions me accross, “You go, I need to remain here and to consider highly delicate enterprenarialiasm.”

I shrug, “Besides, Most people think, Hey You, is my given name.”

Carrying multiple cases of pop accross the street from the Burdock, plus some boxes of cold stuff I take to be ice creme is hard work.

Just as I finish setting down the last case, I hear a sharp whistle and Twistine yell, “Hey You, get your post-end back over here!”

I limp back over and discover Twisty standing there with a whee-barrel.

“What??” I start, “After having to carry all that stuff over.”

‘It’s for the ice Silly,” Twisty says  as Pyrene pours a batch of ice from the ice machine into the wheel-barrel, “To keep the ice creme chjilled, now get it over there before it all melts.”

“You’d better do as she says,” Pyrene warns me, “She’s got her mind determined.”

I wheel the i


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ce over and am setting the ice creme into it when Ernie rolls up on his bike.

“Got them all out,” Ernie says, “Just that last one you wanted.”

“Hang it there,” HM Weenerman motions to a nearby lamp post.

“Roger Dodger,” Ernie says, and with a piece of twine hangs the cardboard poster on the street lamp-pole.

I check the sign out expecting to see something about a garage sale, or a barn sale, or a junk sale, but instead the sign reads: “FREE; FREE ICE CREME FLOATS; IF YOU BOUGHT A MUG; BRING IT HERE AND WE WILL FILL IT FOR FREE;” and to emphasize his point Ernie included one more, “FFRREEEEE!!!!!!” at the end.

“Ernie’s sign-work proves to work. folks passing through Burdock Center take note. “We’re getting their attention,”Ernie Stubbs points out.

The WeenerMan points to the side of his head, “I as an Enteprenour know what makes them al tick.”

“Yeah,” I agree with HM WeenerMan, “The word, ‘Free’.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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