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Thinking quickly, I ask, “so how did it come to pass that you met up with the Old Grouchy Bear anyways?”
“Well the Razzberries were at peak ripeness, and I decided the Weenerman deserved his share of them, and there’s nothing better than RazzBerries on Pownder Pancakes,” the WheenerMan thinks back, his stomach growls from the thought of food.

“So there was some growling,” Sam Bascom guesses, “You’re belly?”

‘That’s what I thought,” the Wheenerman remarks, but it was coming from behind me, so I take a look and that Ol’ Grouchy Bear that migrates thru here every so often was coming in to take over the RazzBerry Patch. He growled because he thought it would intimidate me.”

“So what did you do then?” Sam asks.

“Usually, If I have a spare pounder-pancake on me, I just toss one his way, and ol’ grouchy bear takes off running and isn’t seen back in these parts for months. but this time I’d left home with out one to get at the RazzBerries,” the Wheenerman shrugs, “And so thinking quickly, I growled back.”

“And that set Ol’ Grouchy bear running,” Sam decides.

“Sure,” the Wheener agrees with Sam, “Straight for Me.”

“And so You out ran him?” Sam Bascom asks.

“Actually either Wheener-Man or the Grouchy Bear running anywhere, very fast sould be something of a novelty,” I quip.

The Wheener-man growns behind his shades but goes on, “Of course  didn’t try to outrun the Bear, I shinnied up a elm tree right there.”

“I’ve always wondered if the Grouchy Bruin was a Black Bear or a Grizzly,” I ponder.

“If he’s a Blck Bear he would climb up the tree after Wheener,’ Sam Bascom recounts, “If he was a Grizzly, he would just shake the tree until Whee-ner fell out.”

“He Must be a Black Bear,” the Wheener-man decides, “Cause ol’ Grouchey starts shinnying up the tree right after me.”

“Ol’ grouchy must’ve thought he finally had you this time,” Sam Bascom whistles.

“Looked like it was going to be close this time,” the Wheeener-man admits, but points to the side of his head, “But ol’ Grouchey will have to get up pretty early in the Morning before he can outsmart this HM Wheenerman!”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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