Trapp Try

The Pink Panther Show was one of many Saturday... 

And so it happened that HM had Gregg, Ernie and myself assembled out the back door of Sam Bascom’s merchantile one Saturday morning. The Buck Truck sat idling just behind us.

“Why’d you have me bring the Truck?” I ask.

The Weenerman nods and says a bit conspiratorially, “I propose that we go beyond just a mere census of the rare Snippee’s marmot, but that we actually capture one for Ranger Warden.”

“What good would capturing one do?” I ask, “Ranger Warden would just make just turn it loose,” I point out.

“He can take weight measurements, health check-up, and the like,” Weenerman answers.

“And just maybe the Warden will attach one of the I-D Collars while he is at it,” Gregg McIntyre drawls.

“Radio-trackiing, I’ve had experience with that,’ Ernie adds, “This better be fun, I’m missing my Saturday Morning Shows you know..”

Someone must have heard the noise because Sam Bascom came out the back of the store, “What’s all the Commotion going on out here,” Sam growls, ‘I don’t want to have a bunch of hoooodlums hanging out behind my..” Sam catches himself as he recognizes some of his best customers, for murky green pop and comic books,, “Uhm, why Gentlemen, what brings you here to my Mercantile at this early hour??”

“Shhh,” Ernie advises, “We’ve got to be very Quiet.”

Gregg puts his 10-gallon hat on Ernie’s head. The Stetson nearly engulfs Ernie, “Ernie, all the Snippee’s are way out in the wilds by the Too Much, this time of day they’ll be denned up. No way can they hear us.”

“I know,” Ernie admits, “But we’re on a Mission.”

“Mission? Snippee’s? As in Varmint?” the Wheels in Sam Bascom’s head are shifting into over-drive.

“Yes We are,” the Weenerman announces, “We are on a Mission for Ranger Warden to Capture and bring in the elusive Snippee’s Varmint.”

Sam Bascom scratches his head, “Ranger Warden was telling me that he just wanted you no goods, er, Barny’s to just count up the Varmints.”

“Yes, but I wish to prove once and for all too Ranger Warden that we are not the Most Worthless outdoor guys that Ranger Warden has ever seen,” the Weenerman reinforces his point.

“Being Worthless has never bothered you guys before,” Sam Bascom points out to us.

Greg McIntyre adjusts his Stetson, “Turns out, some fellow out in Idaho is in the running for Most Worthless Outdoorsman, the Weeener-Man here saw this as the chance to bust out of last place.”

“Not much chance as that” Sam figures, “Even that you guys would qualify as out-doors types,” Sam Bascom says under his breath, ‘So tell me,” he says with renewed interest, “What brings you Varmints, er, you Gentlemen to my establishment on your way to capture a Varmint??”

“Supplemental Equipment,” the WeenerMan annouces profoundly.

“Seems like Handy Hank’swould be the prorietor for that,” Sam starts.

“But we have funds,” Hm replies.

“Like in real money,” Gregg fills in.

“Funds, money, hard cash, there all welcome here at Sam Bascom’s General Merchandise Emporioum.”

“And how can I help you, Barny’s, er Gentlemen,’ Sam continues.

“I need to assemble the proper equipment for the construction of the Snippee’s Enclosure,” Hm explains.

“And might I ask what equipment do you have on hand already,” Sam Bascom asks.

HM Weenerman holds up a short length of twine.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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