Getting Sett

An orange crate label from Rubel Farms.

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Sam Bascom scratches his head again, “So I see, you plan to have Gregg there try and lasso the little critters.”
“Why no Mr. Bascom,” Gregg McIntrye drawls, “But that is a plumb good possibility.”
“But the Snippee Varmints might find themselves traumatized,” the Wileyman remarks,”Or get rope-burn, so that is why I propose construction of a humane-style trap.”
“Humane-style trap?” Sam Asks.
“A Box-trap,” Ernie fills in.
“Ohh,” Sam responds, “Handy Hank could order you a cage-trap from his catalog.”
“That would take a week to come in,” Hm Wileyman speaks, “And the time to count the Snippees is now.”
“Besides, a cage trap costs more than we got on us right now,” I try to explain.
“Yoou fellas could actually work and try to raise the fuding that way,” Sam Bascom explains.
“Workk??” the WileyMan coughs. He rather speaks for all of us Clover County Cronies assembled right there.
“The Wileyman was sort of wondering if you didn’t have an old box, or crate that we could borrow for a couple afternoons,” I try to illuminate the Proprietor as to our conception of the operation.

Only got a Grapefruit crate here,” Sam scratches his head,”But it is sort of heavy for your purposes.”

“The heavier the better,” the Wileyman decides, “The Snippee’s Varmint is one mighty strong critter.”

“But a Snippee’s is only so long, and” Sam starts.

“Ya’ just might try humorin’ the WileyMan,” Gregg suggests, “he’s on a roll.”

“Ok, You can borrowy the Crate, but I want it back by Monday morning sharp,” Sam Bascom agrees.

“You have nothing to worry about,” Hm Wileyman reassures Sam Bascom, “Operation Catch the Snippee will have reached a successful fruition by that time.”

“Lookee, there’s two holes here in the end,” Ernie Stubbs observes.

“To be able to pick  up the crate,” Sam Bascom explains.

“Would make darn right breathing holes too in a jiffy,” Gregg McIntyre adds.

“Yes,” the Wiley Man says, “Get the Buck Truck,” he directs me.

And as I back the Truck up, Gregg and Ernie each take an end of the crate and lift it up. The WilleyMan puts the tail-gate down on the Truck and motions them in to load the crate.

“How about a little help here,” Ernie Stubbs says to the Wi8ley-Man as he strains under the weight of the crate.

The WeenerMan solemnly shakes his head in refusal, “Someone needs to be in charge of the Operaton, I’m the Operations ForeMan.”

“More like the Operations ForeHead,” Gregg grits as he wings the crate over into the truck-bed.

“Well Good Luck counting those Varmints,” Sam Bascom yells after us as the Buck Truck pulls out, and then under his breath, “You’ll sure need it.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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