In Place iii

“We’ll need something else for Bait,” HM decides.
Ernie checks his sack-lunch, “I’ve got a crust fromthe bolgnie sandwich, or how about a half-eaten bag of chips?”
Grteg shakes his head, “Snippee’s are rare in these parts, wouldn’t want any of them coming down with Ernie-Germs.”

“then all that’s left is this banana,” Ernie puylls out as fruit.

“At least it’s wrapped,” I observe.

“That’s just what I need,’ the Weenerman decides. HM ties the Banana to the stick and then while greg and I hold one end of the heavy crate up-, the Weenerman has ernie prop the stick up on the flat rock to hold the crate up.

“There we go,” the Weenerman explains, “when the Snippee’s Varmint takes the bait, he’ll trip the stick and the crate comes down and we then have one example of a Snippee’s Varmint for the inspection and perusal by one Ranger Warden.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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