Watch Out, You’re On..

Ernie is looking out from the bed of the Buck Truck when he says, ‘Uh-oh…Where do we keep the jar of Emergency funds?”
“In the glove box, right under the hank tapes,” I reply, distracted by the crate.
“You’re right!” Ernie yells back from the cab of the truck.
At that, Ernie grabs the money, jumps out of the truck and runs out the back.

“Wonder what that was all about,” Greg McIntyre comments.
Just then from down the road comes a whirring sound. Headed our way is a silvered mini-van, with a dome attenna revolving on the roof.

“What th'” Greg starts.

“Wrong color to be from the Community College,” I observe.

Greg Squints, “Writing on the side reads, ‘W-Xzs-Pro.’ That that cable show you like?”

“I get the reruns on the WFHC-late night reboots,” I shrug, “But Yeah, I like it, sort of takes a cerebral approach.”

“On late-breaking pop culture and info?” Greg asks.

“Yeah, but they take the intellectual aproach,” I restate.

The Silver van pulls up beside the Buck Truck and comes to a stop. The driver gets out and starts working controls to get teh satelite feed made. A driver door kicks open and out comes a tech-chick holding a portable TV camera.

A slideing panel door on the side of the van slide open and out steps a glamourous looking young woman with long black hair and holding a microphone. She announces, “Watch out, Your on WXzs-Pro, and I’m Crystala Caruso your Faithful News Servant.”

Greg takes one look, “Howdy maam,” he says, and drops the Crate right on my foot.

Crystala holds the mike in Greg’s direction, “Watch Out, You are on WSzx-Pro,”

Greg steps back surpriesed.

Then in a gentler voice Crystala continues, “Kind Sir, could you point out for me the Barney-Bum-In Cheif??

“Barny-bum-in-cheif,” Greg stammers, ‘Well to be truthful ma-am, all of the Barny Bums that I know are too lazy to have a Barny Bum-in Cheif.”

“Well, Sir-senor, we have traveled all of this way for the Learning College Techno-Expo, and now it cannot be found,’ Crystala de Caruoso sort of pleads.

Greg thinks it through, “Maam, just how did you get the idea that we had a Barny Bum-in-Cheif?”

Crystala Caruso hands Greg a scrawled over piece of notebook paper, “We received this notice,” she says, “And it told me about I-33, and told us where the Tamalle’ Hiksville was.”

Greg looks over the notebook paper, and nearly cracks a smile, “I see he used washable crayon this time.”

“The Letter contains the Directions to find this I-33,” Crystaal explains, ‘So if you were to point out this Barny-Bum -In Cheif to me, I’d be thankful.”

Greg grins, points in a general direction, “Over by the shipping crate, your Barny Bum-In Cheif  is the fella’ hopping around on one foot.”

Crystaal raises a brow, Let me guess,” she ventures, “He wants to hop around on one foot so that he doesn’t have to get both legs tired when by walking somewhere.”

Greg McIntyre adjusts the brim of his hat, “M’aam, you catch on pretty fast.”

Crystala makes a small smile, “Yes, I do, but Mister Barny Bum Senor doesn’t appear to be a complex-type, yes?”

Greg McIntyre nods agreement, “M’aam,, you catch on real fast.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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