She Has A Way Around About Her

“Shall I explain,” Crystalo says slowly.
“Sure,” I shrug my shoulders.
“We are on assignment to do a piece about the Tecno Expo being held at the State Learning College,” she eyes me again, “It will be about all of the new technology, you know electrical things, high-technology, like things out in the real world.”
“I own a High Transistor Radio,” I defend myself, ‘I shrug, “Sort of goes on the Fritz a lot.”

The Tech looks over from where he is working, “From Bascom on line?”

“”Actually Bascom Mail-order,” I answer, “Wonder if there’s a connection.”

“Could be,” the Tech nods to agree with me.
“Crystalo tries again, “Well we are on the way there, but we stopped off in the village of..HickTown, for the directions on this paper, and they told me to go ask the Barny Bum, and where to find you, Sir Barny Bum.”
I smile generously, “Well, they don’t call me Scout for nothing, you need to get there, I’ll find it.”
“Yes he will,Even if it takes him a couple weeks,” Greg reassures Crystalo.
“Directions to the Learning College, Please,” Crystalo implores.
“Funny, I’d think you could try one of those new-deal satelite deals,” Greg puts in.
The Tech looks up, “Don’t order one from Bascom Online, they tend to go Fritzy.”
“Fritzy, Bascom,” Greg shrugs, and I agree.
“So could you place me to the Learning College?” Crystalo asks me.
I grimace, “Well I’m sorry to have to tell you this Miss Crystalo, but State learning College is over on the other side of the State, you’d find it right off of I-33, couldn’t miss it.”
“Then what of this?” Crystalo’s eyes flash for a moment, “This Papaer says I-33 runs through HickTown, when we saw the turn off, that’s why we came here that is your notepaper.”
I look guilty, “You got me there. When they diverted all the traffic down my road, it became well, like I-33. Guess I sent you that letter figuring you could report aon all the traffic, especially the milk trucks making their pick-ups at all hours of the night. Those back-up alarms, I can’t get any sleep at all.”
Greg figures, “The milk trucks don’t make it to your stretch of road until ten in the morning.”
“Exactly,” I tell Greg, “Proves my point, those trucks shouldn’t be out so early in the wee morning hours, now I was thinking Miss Crystalo, if you’d only do a piece on your show and you could call it, ‘Too Early to Rise, maybe folks these hereabouts just might take the hint,”

“Ahiee,” Crystalo remarks, “I am sure you inspiatiio is very inspiring, but my assignment was to do a segment on a scientific expository, and you know, Crystalo Caruso always gets her storey.”

Scientific Expository?” I look over to Greg, “They down those down at Alchemy’s Apothecary don’t they?”

Greg doesn’t answer my question directly, but has an knowing look on his face as he says politely, “M’aam, we do have a scientific research of sorts going on, and right at this very moment, we have arrived at a critical juncture.”

“Juncture?” I ask, then admit, “Ok I’ll put a new exhaust on the Buck Truck.”

“Even more Critical than that,” Greg gives an innocent nod toward the shipping crate sits.

“The Box, what’s in the Box?” Crystalo’s natural curiousity is trigued.

“The subject of a critical rare species we have the honor to be particiapnts in,” Greg ressures Crystalo.

“Honorable? I am dubious,” Cyrstalo rolls her eyes, “But Ok, I’ll bite, your box is most strangely quiet though.”

“He may be at rest just now, we have to be careful that we do not disturb him,” Greg McIntyre explains, “He can get pretty boisterous once disturbed.”

“Careful?” Crystalo asks, “For Que- Who?

I finally catch greg’s drift and answer with my most innocent looking demeanor, “Why the Too Much Mad-Dan’l of course,”

Crystalo says, “Por know I shouldn’t be ask, but what of the Too Much Mad Dan’l?”

Greg tips back his hat, “Why the Mad Dan’l is the meanest, ornriest, and just plain cussed critter in these here parts.”

“They’re also sneaky, tricky, gluttonous, crafty, and unpredictable,” I add.

“Really so?” Crystalo inquires.

“One can be fast asleep,” Greg advises her, “but you leave a pizzia lying around and turn your back for a second, and then you’ll hear this big animal yell, and than that piazzia will be gone, vanished.”

I give a shudder for effect, “And that animal yell is the most in-Human yelp You’ll ever hear, it will keep you awake nights.”

Crystalo surveys the crate suspiciously, “Ah, and you Barny Bum-sorts don’t stay awake at nights thinking up of new pranks to play on the innocent,” she makes a little frown, “The Mad Dan’l appears to be most peaceful, at this moment.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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