‘Watch Out,’ She Says

Greg McIntrye scratches up under the brow of his cowboy hat, “M’aam that’s how the Mad Dan’l does, they can be real quiet and peaceful like, but just when you thin the coast is clear,”
“Poo,” Crystalo pouts, “You Barny’s are just having a fun of Crystalo.”
I shrug, “She’s on to us Greg,” I admit.
“See, I told of you so,” Crystalo plants an index finger on my chest, “Crystalo always gets to the bottom of her Storey.”
I say with resignation, “Looks like we will have to spend the rest of the Afternoon tacking down Ernie before he gets the Emergency fund all spent,”
There is a moment of silence, and the Crate seems to rustle,and a faint growl comes from beneath it, “@#%, Ernie?” “^&*), $$$$!!!!?”
Crystalo looks over to the Crate, “Que paso’s that?” she asks.
Greg McItrye says with due caution, “Maybe you’d better watch out M’aam, ti appears the Mad Dan’l stirs.”

I nod agreement, then speak a little louder, “Good thing Ernie made off with the Emergency Fund when he did.”

The Growling grows a level louder, “#@!&^* Emergency $$$$_+@#!”

“Hope we can find him before Ernie gets it all spent,” Greg adds to it.

Crystalo thinks hard, “The Ernie Stubbs, will be prone to make of Purchase, Comical Books, bolognie on sandwich, and an odd sort of loco-green pop,” Crystalo recounts.

The Crate shdders a bit, “-++=++-)((&&$$$$$—–, #%^&*()Pop, ‘burp’ `~1 Stop Ernie%^&*(#!!!!!!”

Crystalo looks at me with a gleam of fire, “Now you Barny’s have me roped into theis.”

‘You always get to the bottom of the storey,” I compliment her, “And Mad Dan’ls don’t play favorites.”

The Crate rattles and the Growl continues, “Get me !@#$$$$%^&&&&Ernie,”

Greg tips his hat, “Yeah, Betcha Ernie’s made it all the way to the Clover County Comic Book Castle by now.”

I nod agreement, “The latest ‘Adventures of Captain Zeke’ is due out.”

“This month, your El Capitan Zeke battles the ‘ Dodge Avenger,” Crystalo regards the Crate with due caution, “I do my homework, but El Capitan Zeke may have distracted you from yours.”

“Greg concedes, “That could be the Logical explanation.”

“Bet you Ernie bought himself a whole pile of Comic books too, and baseball cards,” I add

“BaseBallCards@#”the  Growl starts to become a rumbler.

“Perhapseth we pushed this a wee bit too  far?” Crystalo asks soto voice.

The Crate starts to shake from side-to side, Greg mcIntyre ovserves, “He is a Greedy Little Primate.”

I nod in agreement, “Greeedy, greeedy, greedy.”

The the Crate shakes and it seems like the Ground Trembles.

“Uh Oh,” is Greg McIntyre’s observation.

And then the Crate itself starts to shudder, Crystalo cries out, “Watch Out!”

I smile brightly and start to look around for a camera, “You mean I’m on TV?”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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