Rant of the Mad Dan’l

‘Crazy Sir Barny,” Crystaslo says, before she puts her arm around me and dives under the mini-van.
And just in time too.
The Crate rumbles shakes, and then explodes. Pieces of Crate fly in all directions. There is a cloud of dust, debris, and flying grass.
I smile at Crystalo, “And so you do Rescues too.”
“Not,” she shrugs, “You were just between myself, and the underside of this van.”

In the midst of the Rant of the Mad Dan’l, there is much noise with the flying grass dust and debris, and the metalic sounds of doors being opened on the buck Truck.

Greg McIntyre slides into the cover in a ravine beside the camera-chick, “You oughts to get this on camera,” Greg suggests.

Oh Yes,” the Camera-chick says quickly as she flicks her portable-camera to ‘On’ and points it to pick up the Rant of the Mad Dan’l.

There is a whirlwind of dust, grtass, and debris. The sounds of truck fixtures being blown open. And then the crash of branches and brush as the debris-whirl his a side trail and disappears into the Townships Outback.

“Que was that?” Crystalo asks wonderingly.

“That was a Rant of a Mad Dan’l,” I try to explain, “Don’t see them too often, but when one hits, best take cove.”

“Sir Barny Bum,” Crystalo half-apologizes, “I thoughts you were some kinds of Joker.”

“Well,” I shrug, “With a Rant of a Mad Dan’l, you don’t have much time to Joe around.”

“Too mucjho bad that nos have no footage of it,” Crystalo frowns sweetly, “No one will believe otherwise.”

Greg mcIntyre helps the camera-chick up out of the ravine, “Did you catch any of it?” he asks.

The Camera-chick hits some buttons, “It all happened so fast,’ she says.

We all gather around the veiw-finder on the camera back to see.

“”Drats,” the camera-chick remarks, “Only about a half-second of footage.”

Crystalo Carruso arches her brows, “Ay, It appears as a six-footed four-inches Howler Monkey, Ay, no one would beleive little Crystalo Carusso, Watch Out.”

I smile and start looking around.

“No,” everyone else says, “You’re not on TV.”

Greg McIntyre says to me, “While you’re at it, you’d better be picking up the pieces of the crate.”

I see Greg standing by the back of the Watch Out! truck, “Hey , you want me to clean up this debris while you’re having Lunch?”

Greg gives me a grin and drawls, “Wellll, that’s your signature on the IOU for the Crate back at Bascom’s you know.”

I shrug. and go back to picking up peices of Crate. He had a point there.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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