Sacked Out

And so it happens, late the next afternooon the Watch Out Van pulls up to where the Buck Truck still sets in the Township Outback.
“yeehaww,” the Stunt-driver camera-chick whispers as the Van slides in gently.
“Very Good, we’ve got that delicate equipment for this Project,” Greg tells her, “I am glad you could be so gentle.”

“Thanks Cowboy,” the camera-chick/stunt-driver tells Greg.
“Problemo,” the SideTech reports from the back-compartment, “I have been unable to establish an up-link, something must be interfering with the dish.”

The Side-Tech shuts down the dish.

Just then there is a clunking sound and Ernie Stubbs slides down the ladder to the ground.

“Apologies for there was no room in the van,” Crystalo Carusso says to Ernie.

‘Oh that was no problem,” Ernie blurts out, “Riding on the roof was a blast, up and down just like the Rolley-Coaster at Howler’s Point, and you guys got that whirly-thing on top to spin on. This mini-van is a wheelin’ amusement park.”

“I am glad that you enjoyed it so,” Crystalo is able to acknowledge.

I stretch my legs, and go over and kick the Buck Truck tires to be sure that they are still up,”So what’s the Plan?” I ask Greg.

“I thought the Weener left it with you,” I sayback to Greg.

“I coulda sworn that he’d leave it with you,” Greg ascertains.

“But maybe perhaps you could consult with the Weenerman,” Crystalo Carusso diplomatically suggests.

I shrug, “He’s not avialable just now.”

“What’s So?” Crystalo inquires.

“That gunny-sack said he’d loan us,” I start.

“The only gunny-sack that Sam Bascom would lend us,” Greg MacIntyre ells Crystalo, “Was the extra super-duper heavy canvas  one that he uses to  haus in gravel and dirt from the Railhead for the Handy Hank’s,” Greg shakes his head, Wouldn’t fit in your Van.”

“So the Weenerman said that he was bringing it in,” I go on, “Said he was taking it right to the collection-site, was going to use a special means, to that he wouldn’t leave any tracks or scent that might make the Snippee’s all supsicious.”

Greg tells Crystalo, “The Weener told me that he’d be using the special Tree-Top Delivery System this time.”

“Tree-Top Delivery System?” Crystalo is baffled.

“Never-mind,” I reassure Crystalo, “It’s a long story and we have trouble beleiving it all ourselves.”

“I run a show named, ‘Watch Out!” Crystalo reminds me, “I’ve probably heard it before.”
“Could be, could be” Greg McIntyre allows, “Took place when we was covering up, ‘The Case of the Broken WindSheild, requjired a feild-trip down to Belize for that.”

“Bel;ize?” Crystalo asks with some interest, “Why Belize?”

“Only place they still had a windsheild for a ’59 StudeBaker,” I shrug.

“A StudeBaker?” Crystaslo asks.

I start,”Well, Judge Patrick assigned us Irrregulars the Jopb of washinjg and polishing his prized Antique Car for his Campaign Parade, when,”

“I wouldn’t go there,” Greg advises me.

“Right,” it answer.

“I could enquire,” Crystalo remarks.

“But there he came, swinging through the trees,” Greg distracts Crystalo’s train of thought.

“Swinging? Trees?” Crystaslo squints to think, “Who? Oh, You would mean the WeenerMan?”

“Now you’re catching on,” I congratualate Crystaslo.

“I am afraid of that coccurring,” Crystalo frowns a bit.

“Now when we were fixing things,” Greg begins.

“Cover up,” I whisper to Crystalo.

“The Weenerman up and disappears,” Greg goes on, “Ernie told us that he had gone to get some parts. Of course I wondered what was taking the Weenerman so long. And then Ernie told us he went to get parts at the same place thast he got the parts to build Rodney.”

“In Belize he went??” Crystalo asks.

“Jungle Jerry’s Jungle Junkyard,” I shrug.

“Must have been very favorable prices,” Crystalo Carruso supposes.

“The Weenerman recommended it,” Greg MacIntyre agrees, yawns, “And we get to the motel where the WeenerMan was supposed to be at. The desk -guy didn’t know we were talking about until we mentioned 6′ 3″ and hairy, then he pointed to the trees and shrugged.”

“We paid some guy with a motorboat to take us back into Jungle Jerry’s,” I add.

“And guees who we found?” Greg MacIntrye quiries.

“”Too far South for Santy Claus,” Crystalo Carusso jests.

“Almost as good,” I kick in.

“We found the  Weenerman,’ Greg growls, “There he was standing there with a wagon full of VW Dasher parts. Asked him how he got here so fast, sasked the bus-boy the fastest way toget to Jungle Jerry’s and the Bus-boy motioned to the trees.”

“The must have one of those eco-bridges for the guests to see the rain-forest,” Crystalo suggests.

“Um, Yeah,” Greg macIntrye humors Crystalo, “Weenerman said it cut an hour off the trip, but wondered why the bus-boy would be wearing a fur-coat down here.”

“For the higher-class clientele?” Crystalo wonders.

“Never know,” I agree with her.

“And so you find the windsheild for the StudeBaker?” Crystalo asks hopefully.

“No such luck,” Greg kicks the gravel, “The Weenerman said Jungle Jerry had just sold his last one, but on the brighter side, the Weener found a whole bunch of VW Dasher parts.”

“And we got to help porter them out,” I rub my shoulder.

Greg grins, “And the Weenerman is still trying to fit them all on the RodneyMobile.”
“At least the Weener has a hobby to stay usefully occupied,” Crystalo smiles.

“The Weenerman, Useful, in the same sentence,” I chuckle, “Now that’s funny!”

“As you say,” Crystalo observes, “I may be catching onto something.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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One Response to Sacked Out

  1. offroad2084 says:

    Actually this would is about two o’ clock in My Day in Hickstown. But I figure the digreeion is worthwhile since it gives me a chance to work in the original sequel to the ‘Case of the Broken Windows.’ This time the characters are better set up. The narrarator has changed back to the character I used to narrate my humor column back in high school and adds some flexibility. HM Weenerman who originally devised the Clover County irregulars insists that he is nothing at all like the HM WeenerMan of HicksTown. Like he isn’t sis foot three inches and exceedingly hairy…

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