It’s a Plan

Greg looks a bit impatient, “We need to get going, the Weenerman has probably gotten into position by now, we need to stick to the Plan.”
“Plan? Of what?” Crystalo asks.

“You do learn fast,” I admit to Crystalo.
Ok, this is going to be the Plan, Greg starts to draw a map with the heel of his boot, “Me an’ the WeenerrMan came up with it.”
“Too bad your film crew had to go back to HicksTown to get an up-link,” I say to Crystalo, “They’d been here to film the Plan from conception to execution.”
“Just one problemo with that idea,” Crystalo confides, “My TV Show doesn’t come with a laugh-track.”

“Ernie, get over here,” Greg yells to Ernie. Once Ernie bounces over, Greg continues, “Okay Men, and Crystalo, this is Weener’s plan.”

he scrapes out a map with the heel of his boot, “There are four major trials leading to a funnel at the top of this hill.”

“Oh you mean the Hump?” Ernie asks.

“That’s what we call a chunk of limestone that sticks outof the top of this here hill,” I explain to Crystalo.

“Exactly,” she takes in, “How could it be anything other?”

“Ahmmm,” Greg growls, “So the Weener figures each of us here take a trail.”

“And then what?” Ernie asks.

“We walk down the trail with our flashlights on,” Greg explains carefully, “The Weener theorizes that when the Snippee’s sees the light from the flashlight, he will think that the sun is coming up and run down the tral looking for someplace to hole up in for the Day.”

“What if it’s a She?” Crystalo asks.

“Same deal, but usually the she-snippee’s will have denned by that time,” Greg says, “they usually don’t spend the entire night out and about, carousing.

“I learned something new this morning,” Crystalo remarks.

Greg points to the side of his head, “Fortunately for us, the Weenerman knows all about these kind of things.”

“Hey, where’s the Weener going to be?” Ernie asks the obvious.”

Greg MacIntyre frowns, “Obviously he’s going to be the guy at the other end of the Funnel holding the bag open for all th eSnippee’s to run into.”

“Obviously,” Crystalo winks.

“That’s why the Weener had to take the tree-top entry route in from the4 backside,” Greg says knowingly, “He didn’t want to leave a scent-trail. HM sez Snippee’s have very sensitive noses.”Obviously,” Crystalo agrres.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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One Response to It’s a Plan

  1. offroad2084 says:

    Careful Plans are being laid out on how to conduc the census of the Snippee’s Varmint

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