The Census of the Senseless

So later that night into the ealry morning, finds the four brave census takers waiting at where the Buck Truck is parked before engaging on the vital census of the Snippee’s Varmints present in the WeenerMan Township Outback.
Greg MacIntyre is seated before a small campfirewith his back against a tree and cowboy hat pulled down over his head. Ernie Stubbs is roasting a marshmallow. Crystalo Carusso is huddled in the cab of the Buck Truck, wrapped in a blanket and wondering what she has gotten herelf into.
The all at oce Greg sits up straight and announces, “It is time.”
“Tiome for what?” Crystalo inquires from the cab.
“Time for us to take the Census,” Greg MacIntyre tells her.
“How does Greg know, He has no watch,” Crystalo frowns.
“Greg here just knows those kind of things,” Ernie puts in.
“Think I should wake the Sir Barny Bum?” Crystalo asks.

Get ‘im up,” Greg agrees.
Crystalo geos around back to where the Scout is sleeping on the metal bed of the Buck Truck, “Sir Barny Bum, Scout, get up now, Please.”

The Scout answers,” ZZZZZZ,”

“How can one sleep so soundly on a hard metal pick up truck bed?” Crystalo ponders.

“With him, it’s an inborn talent,” Ernie tells her before he takes a flaming marshmallow of his stick.

“‘Bout his only talent,” Greg MacIntyre remarks with a bit of a grin.

“Why he must be, ‘Sir Barny Bum,'” Crystalo decides.

Crystalo takes out her canteen and pours a little water into a tin cup, and then proceeds to dump the contents on the Scout.

“Whoo-Hoo,” Scout practically leaps out of the truck bed, “Hey, that’s cold!!”

“I only carry with me the finest iced-water,” Crystalo says proudly.

“Brrrr,” Scout shakes the midnight rinse off.

Greg macIntyre adjusts his cowboy hat, “Okay men, and ma’am, we need to roll.”

“Roll?” Ernie asks brightly.

“”He maybe a figure of speech<” Crystalo explains.

“Oh I know,” Ernie grins, “I’m ready to get on with this census thing, I awlways wanted to see me a Snippee’s for myself.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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