Merrily down the Road We Go

Crystalo flips her light on as the senseless search team starts down their trail.
“You know, this looks darker at night,” Scout observes.
“You been this place here before?” Crystalo asks.
“When we were hiding out during the Case of the Missing Apple Cart,” Scout replies.
“A storey in this perhaps?” Crystalo says hopefully.
“It’s not really that much of a storey,” Scout shrugs, “Greg located the apple-cart in Farmer MacGregor’s Barn. Farmer MacGregor then remembered that they had used it for the float for the Parade, even had the confettie still on the cart.”
“So what is the tale to be told?” Crystalo frowns in thought.
“Nothing much,” scout grins, ‘Just that Judge patrick had Greg wait three or four days before Greg and Ernie traced me and Hm down hiding out here in the OutBack.”
“Your Hickstown probably neededed the vacation,”
Crystalo remarks.
Scout scratches his head, “You know, judge patrick said much the same thing.”
Crystalo smiles sweetly and says, “Turn your lamp on, it is dark in this OutBack.”

Crystalo and Scout get the lamps on and start carefully down the trail.

There is a quick, “Chirp-chirp-chirp!”

“Oy,” Crystalo gasps as whe turns her light on to see a small black bird running away from her, on down the Trail, “What was it? Is that the Snippee’s Varmint?”

Scout shoots a light at the fleeing creature and shrugs, “Looks like it’s a Ground Starling, little black bird that nests in the brushy stuff, must ahve disturbed it.”

“I hpe we didn’t startle it,” Crystalo pouts.

The Scout catches a glimpse of the ground starling, “The way that bird is running, seems to me like it was already wound up.”

“Flight of the Chickadees,” Crystalo tells herself.

Further down the trail Crystalo spotlights a ball of white curled up in the middle of the path. It bares its teeth, hisses and saunters off down the path.

“And what creature was that be?’ rystalo asks.

The Scout shrugs, “A Opussm, numerous out back here.”

Crystalo frowns, ‘Quite ferocious for such a little fellow.”

“Lucky littel fellow,” Scoput grins, “If the WeenerMan had been along, the little guy would have been an  endangered fricasse.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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