Right on Track

Ernie's grass

Ernie’s grass (Photo credit: ameegee)

English: 1920s Stetson carlsbad cowboy hat

English: 1920s Stetson carlsbad cowboy hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And so we follow Ernie Stubbs on down the Trail.
Greg MacIntyre holds up a hand to slow us, “We are coming up on the Hump, the Weenerman said he’d be just around there.”
“Some tracks,” Crystalo points to a soft spot in the trail.
I kneel down to look over the animal-footie prints, “Looks like a wide varity of critters came scampering through here,” I say, “Looks like a whole menagery.”
“Hey, you can say a whole lot of things about the Weener, but he’s not a menageriey,” Ernie defends HM.
“Did you mean ‘mangey,” Greg advises Ernie.
“I don’t think so,” Ernie reacts.

Crystalo holds her hand to her ear, and then in a dead whisper says, “Listen.”

Starting at low, but increasing in volume, from around the bend come a cacophoney of grunts, growls, and chatters.

“It gets louder,” Crystalo covers her ears.

But then Greg holds his cowboy hat to his ear, “But it sounds like the racket is getting muffled.”

Then suddenly we hear a great big, “GRROWFFF!!”

“That sounds like Ol’ Grouchy,” Ernie speaks up.

But then we hear, “GRROWFFF,” and, “GRRRRRMMMM.”

“Your Old Grouchy, and what?” Crystalo sounds mystified.

A very low toned, Grrrrrrooowwwwfff,” is heard followed by a lower toned, “grrrrrrrrmmmmm.”

“You know what that sounds like,” Ernie Stubbs ventures, “It sounds like Old Grouchy has met up with a Mad Dan’l!”

And the we all jump as the ruckus breaks out.

We hear, ‘Grrowf,’ ‘Grrrmm’, Swipe, Bop, Snarl, Growl, Push, Ow, Yipe, Yelp, Ouch, Cough, Groan,’Get in There,’ Roar, Bellow, Trees Crack, Rocks fall,

Admidst the Ruckus, Ernie yells, “It’s a Fight between Old Grouchy and the Mad Dan’l! Let’s get out of Here!”

“As my Hero once said, ‘Retreeet!” Greg MacIntyre blurts out and takes off after Ernie.

I stand there listening to the Ruckus scratching my head, “‘Get in There’??”

Crystalo looks at me, “Stupido,” she says under her breath, grabs me by the arm and starts me down the trail to follow Ernie and Greg and their retreat to safety.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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