The Best Way

English: Spark plugs

English: Spark plugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Wha-?” Ernie asks from behind the wheel.
Greg macIntyre slaps the side of his head, “She’s Right. Ernie, even with the spark plugs out, the battery should still work, Try it.”
Ernie Stubbs tentatively takes his left hand off of the steering wheel and pulls the light-knob to ‘on.’
“YayHoooo!,” Ernie cheers as the headlights come on brightly, bathing the Head-Slap Narrows in Light, “I can see!”
Greg MacIntyre graciously tips his hat with his free hand, “Littler lady, You light up my Life.”
“It was the Best Way,” Crystalo nods, “Here I come,” she calls, and rleasing from the safety grip slides back and, ‘Ooof!”‘ Lands on me.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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