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English: Tumble

English: Tumble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The waking critters see light, and take the opening. so early in the morning all the critters see Judge Patrick standing there as a big soft landing pad.
The critters start leaping of of the back of the delivery truck and onto Judge Patrick.

“OOch, Hey There, What’s this,” Judge Patrick sputters as the critters bounce off him, “That tickles, Hey, Watch the Hat!”

Ranger Warden grabs the CountyVet and tells him, “Get counting, this is my best chance to get a headcoynt on the OutBack wildlife.”

Both Range Warden and the County Vet pull out pads, count quickly and make notations in outback notation.

The last of the small critters have scampered out, bounced off the Judge and are scittering off into the nearby brush.

Judge Patrick brushes himself off and grumbles, “Those Critters got footy-prints all over my Coat.”

“See there, Mr Judge,” Crystalo Carruso implores, “Your gang of Barny Bums were conducting a census,” she pauses, “Or tried to.”

Twisty grins, “Sure it wasn’t a Senseless Census.”
Greg MacIntyre looks suspiciously at the duffel bag, “There’s one very big lump left in that bag, and it’s moving.”

Before anybody can move, there is a low growling and a sizeable ball of brown fur ambles out of the bag.

Showing surprising agility Judge Patrick jumps out of the way as Old Grouchy leaps off the back of the truck and lands facing the group.

Old Grouchy narrows his eyes and makes a low growling sound.

“He sort of sounds Grouchy doesn’t he,” Ernie Stubbs observes.

“You would too if you’d been in a bag with a bunch of stinky critters,” Twisty decides.

“Oh what can we do?” a member of the group ponders.

“I did leave the dart gun back at the Lodge,” Rangwer Warden Shrugs.

Old Grouchy looks at us all with a snarl in his eyes.

“Oh who will save us?” the vocal one of the Group questions.

And then out from behind Sam Bascom’s Merchantile leaps a rather  mysterious fellow, with a red-checkered table cloth for a cape hanging  and a red bandana with holes pulled down over his eyes.”

“GadZooks! Who is that?” the vocal member of the group cries out.

“Golly, It’s the Masked Weenerman!” Ernie Stubbs exclaims.

Twisty rolls her eyes, “You must be kidding.”

“Why is everbody so much joy-filled,” Crystalo asks.

Greg MacIntyre grins proudly, “The masked Weenerman is the only person to ever pin Old Grouchy by wrestling.”

“Rumor has it that somebody got Old Grouchy so full of Joke Catfish that he couldn’ hardly move,” Twisty says in a skeptical tone.

Old Grouchy gives an alert growl, and we turn to see the masked Weenerman entering the ring of people.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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