Whistle While You Are At It

Hong Kong Frenchtoast French toast

Hong Kong Frenchtoast French toast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hey, cool,” Ernie spouts out, “If I could do that, I wouldn’t have to worry about running into Ol’ grouchy in the Outback. That’d be pretty useful!”
Judge Patrick remarks skeptically, “Ernie and useful, what a concept.”
“Yeah, me use ful Ernie grins, Let me try it,” he goes to whistle, “THBBBBT!!! Hey sorry Judge,” Ernie says as he tries to dry Judge Patrick off with a kleenex.
“That’s quite enough,” Ernie Judge Patrick scowls as he pushes Ernie away, “You’ve done plenty already.”
“They say that it is a skill that requires years of study,” Crystalo brightly changes the subject.
“True what she says,” the CountyVet agrees, “Took the Circus years to get the Great Grouchero trained to whistle commands.”
“Grouch’s trainer taught me in an afternoon at the BurDock,” Twistine frowns.
“Maybe you got natural talent,” the CountyVet tells her.
“I know of a place that could teach all  the correct whistles,” Crystalo suggests.
“Hey Cool,” Greg MacIntyre says loudly, “Sure would be nice to know in casn’ we ever met Ol Grouch outback somewheres.”
“It is down in the Mountains However,” Crystalo warns us.
I shrug “Shoot, if we found Jungle Jerry’s auto-Rama, I am sure we could find a way there.”
Greg MacIntyre and Ernie Stubbs both agree with me.
“Oh very good,” Crystalo is pleased, “In that case, in the mountains, there is a school…”
“Hold on there,” Ernie interrupts her, “Did you say, ‘School’?”
Crystalo nods.
“Been there, done that,” Ernie earnestly disavows, “Once is plenty enough.”
Ernie receives every agreement from both Greg MacIntyre and myself.
Crystalo looks a bit lost again.

Then the Weenerman comes walking by us, “So what’s up?” he asks.

Where You been?” Greg macIntyre asks.

“I stepped out to turn in some pop cans when I heard all that big deal going on,” HM replies,  “What Happened?”
“You missed the Party,” Twistine smirks.
‘Party?” HM WeenerMan asks, “You know I love a good party.”
“Did you see the Hero, the Masked Weenerman, go running by?” Crystalo asks HM.
“Oh that explains what I saw,” HM nods his head, “I was wondering, ‘Who was that Masked Man?’

“Well you wouldn’t want to tug on his cape,” Ernie puts in.
“And Better not go pulling the mask off him either,’ I comment.
“A salient point to the sure,” HM Weenerman agrees, and then turns to Judge Patrick, “And so what do you think of our Census?”
“They did get a guesstamate of the critters in the OutBack,” Ranger Warden remarks.
“And get a hold of the Incredible Grouchero long enough to check him up,” CountyVet concedes.
“But all in all,” Judge Patrick twiddles his moustache as he weighs the evidence, “I would have to say, for a Census, this was a Silly Census.”
“Sillier than most,” Twistine lends her support to Judge Patrick.

Most everybody agrees.
“Heyyy Everybody,” Pyrene announces to the gathering, “Today at the Burdock we are featuring Breakfast Pizzia!”
“Breakfast Pizzia?” Ernie Stubbs asks, “What’s that?”
“Layer of out best pizzia crust, topped off with eggs, hash-browned potatoes, and long juicey strips of bacon!” Pyrene exclaims,”Come and Eat up!”
All at the gathering yell, ‘Sounds Great’ I’m in’ ‘Hey Save some for Me!’ as they scramble off for the Burdock Breakfast.
“Too Bad for me,” Crystalo looks downwards.
“A problem?” Greg asks chivalrously.
“Food I don’t eat often,” Crystalo explains.
“Try the French Toast,” HM WeenerMan suggests.
“But I was warned about that,” Crystalo protests.
“Oh, not Pounder French toast,” Twisty grins,”Don’t worry Sister,” Twisty annnounces,  “My cousin Pyrene makes the bestest and lightest French Toast in this part of the State!”
“Ladies,” Greg MacIntyre asks chivalrously, “Will you join us for brunch?”
Flattered, Crystalo and Twisty and go off with Greg and HM to enjoy a mid-morning brunch at the Burdock.
Ernie Stubbs watches them walk off, turns to the side-tech and the stunt-car/camera chick and says, “You should see the Asteroids Machine they got at the Burdock, It’s got the little saucer and everything.”
“Cool, Let’s go!” the Watch Out! crew agree and run off with Ernie to have brunch and play a bunch of Asteroids.
“Say Henry, Might you give me and Warden a ride over to the Lodge so we can tally up these figures?” the CountyVet asks Handy Hank.

“Hop in guys,” Handy Hank tells Ranger Warden and CountyVet.

Judge Patrick calls to them, “I’ll follow you over to the Lodge in my car.”

“Good idea,” Ranger Warden agrees, “And Sam, we might as well get the rest of the guys together, we’ll all  have a real good laugh over this one!”
As everyone goes off, I take a step toward the Burdock. And run into Sam BasCom who holds the Broom, dustpan, and a plastic garbage bag , “Forget sonmething?”

“Um,well,” I start.

“Things are a mighty bit messed up around here,”Sam Bascom looks about, “So Iexpect everything to be put back in place and all the debris put in this here garbage bag, you can put it over by the dumpster when you are through.”

Sam hands me the garbage bag and starts off  to cathch up with Handy Hank’s truck.
I end up holding the broom, the long-handled dust pan, and the bag; and watch as everybody  else go their searate ways.


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Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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