EEEgypped Shoppe

“Rosco!” the audience scolds Rosco.
“Sorry,” Rosco humbly slides down in his seat.
“Actually, your friend Rosco has just made a most astute observation,” dr Halide corrects everyone.
“Ahhh,” everyone sighs at the reaslization that even Rosco is capable of an astute observation. Occoasionally. rarely.

“This is in fact a privvy seat hand-crafted in the Wittemburg-Bavaria region of Germany,” dr. Halide explains.
“That’s around the Black Forest,” the guy who knows his geography adds.
“Privvy-seat? Rosco scrathches his head, “Confessin’ I know nothin’, I’d guessed it was a toilet-seat you’re holding there Professor.”

“Why Yes,” dr Halide chuckles, “But returning to our subject, that may be a helpful clue, this object was found hanging on the wall of a bricked-privvy house my archaelogical team surveyed.”
“Privvy-house?” Rosco is still mystified.
“Our working term for a brick outhouse,” dr. Halide reassures Rosco.
“Ohhh,” rosco nods his head in understanding, “Brick, those Bavarians sure too their little houses outback seriously, didn’t they.”
“True, the Bavarians are quite proficent,” Dr halide agrees.
“And enteprenours,” Rosco complains, “They have those brick privvy-houses, and all we had when I was growing up was an old-fashioned outhouse,” but then rosco brightens up, “But my Daddy did have a privvy-lid, just like that one, hanging on the wall of the out-house.”
The guy who knew what Eygypt, Indiana apeaks up, “Son of a Gun, we have one hanging in our garage justl l;ike that one.”
“Us too,” a husband and wife couple speak up fromthe side.
Turns out to be quite a few people there hold up there hands to tell dr. Halide that they too, had a privvy lid simalar to the archaelogical Bavarian treasure he presented.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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