Busted in Eeeegypped

“Well the fellow told me it was the very last Bavarian Green-backed Chair in the United States still in Private hands,” the Lady protests.
“That’s what he told my Dad,” Rosco comments.
“Us too,” a young married couple says from the side.
“And that’s what he told me ab0ut my Black forest privvy lid,” the knowledgable guy who knew where Eegyppped was speaks up.
“But he had one more on the back of the truck that he could let you have for a special price,” Rosco fills them in.
“Yes, that’s exactly what he said,” the sophisticated lady agrees.
The room is soon filled with people standing up and affirming that they had had a very simalar experience.
“What we have here,” Dr Halide announces, “is a befrauding of the archaelogical world, a description would be in order.”
“For what reason?” the Lady asks.
“For the reporting to the proper authorities of course,”: Dr. Halide presumes.
“Sort of tall saggy guy wearing looking like like dark welding sunglasses,” Rosco figures.
“And one eye-orow it seemed,’ the sophisticated lady adds.
Everyone in the room agrres.
“Same man,” Dr. Halide confirms, “Now to report this befraudment to the proper authorities.”
“Nort around here,” the knowledgabel guy speaks up, “This Township is so easy going, maybe a couple parkng tickets a year.”
“Maybe we should call in the State,” the Lady suggests.
The WeenerMan is by now chuckling to himself, like he is enjoying all of the confusion and disruption.
Dr. Hailde holds up a learned hand, “There is close by an authority, an expert on prosecuting cases of befraudment ot the archaelogical world.”
“Who could that be?” the Young Married couple wonders.
“A local fellowship known throughout the archaelogical world as none other thant the Honorable Judge Phinneaus Patrick.”
The WeenerMan suddenly is sitting straight upright in his seat, “J–J-Judge Pp-P-P-atrick,” he stammers.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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