The River Rats of Too Much Creek

“This oughts to be good,” the WeenerMan grins as he bounces down the trail..
Soon we see a pontoon boat large enough to house a small camp tied up along the bank of the Too Much Creek. Alongside it are moored a coujple of shallow-draft boats and a skiff.
“Those look like mini-versions of the keel-boats we read about in the Dan Fronteir series,” HM remarks.
“Wonder what they are doing here, on the Too Much?’ I ponder.
Just then a large strapping man comes striding up from the Crick bank.
“Now we’re in for it,” I slouch down in the seat.
The strapiing man speaks, “Hi There,” exends a hand, “The name is Fink, Mike Fink.”
The Weenerman tkakes Mike Fink’s extended hand and shakes it heartily, “And I’m the WeenerMan, H.M.WeenerMan.”
Mike Fink stops, grin broadly, “I’ve heard of you, the mostest low-down, master of sloth and immobility in these here parts.”
“And you Mr. Fink,” HM announces, “Were hatched by mean ornery snapping turtles, and you slide down the muddiest clogged bayous and back-waters this here country has ever seen.”
Mike Fink shakes the WeenerMan’s hand again, “You Sir have a way with words and oratory, you’d go real far someday if it didn’t mean overcoming inertia.”
HM grins, “Yes I suppose I would, but I’ll leave slapping your way the moss using an alligator as a paddle in your most capable hands.”
Mike Fink gives the Weener a thumbs up, “That I like, so what brings you about this here slimey creek?”
“Not so much,” the Weenerman shrugs, “Maybe a need to get out of town for awhile.”
“Really?” Mike Fink agrees, “Happens to the Best of Us.”
The Weenerman gestures to the far side of the creek, “Maybe you can do me a favor, was wondering if you could help me to get to the far-side of this here River.”
Mike Fink scratches his head, “Weenerman, you’ve always come up with idears out of the far-feild.”
“It would help get me out of town awhile,” HM shrugs.
Mike Fink rubs his chin, “Anyhow I get you out of town would get me some good bonus points with the locals,”
That I had to agree with.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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