The Great River Rat Race

Mike fink gives me a mighty wallop on the back, “Thought you wouldn’t ask, the crew here is training for the Keel-hauler Rapids Race up on the Saskatoon, the main crew is up there scoutin’ it out. Somebody had to train the back-ups, so I guessed it was me,” the four other husky guys grin and wave and make other approppriate gestures.
Mike Fink goes on, “Needed a stretch of river to train on, and by luck run into some Native American fellers who were willin’ to rent me portage rights to just one great ideal spot, which turns out to be here.”
I ask, “Would they have been from a small town South of here about 65 mikes?”
“Thaty’s just the place,” Mike Fink answers, “How did you know?”
I get a ironic look, “Uhm, they sold the River to one of my ancestors Sometime back in the 1800’s.”
And the Weenerman can’t help but grin, “And they weren’t even the tribe that owned the River either.”
“Musta been interesting times,” Mike Fink observes, “But I got a favor to ask of you fellas,” we nod to show that we are game, “The back-up crew here have been training until they get calusses o0n callusses, but it just not’s the same without any competition, so I was wondering if I could swing a trade, you race my boys here, and maybe we can get that jalopy accross the River here.”
HM furls his brow, “You wouldn’t expect us to win,”
“Not No Way,” Mi,ke Fink laughs, “Not against my pack of ornery scoundrels, just give us a good run, competitive work.”
“The Car don’t float too well,” I point out.
“Nott a worry,” Mi,ke Fionk laughs, “You can row the skiff there, we’ll give you a ten minute lead down the point down yonder about and a half miles, “Mike fink gets a bright look on his face, “And to make it interesting, the winners will be called the Great River Rats of the Too Much.”
“Too Much River Rats,” the WeenerMan grins with sudden interest, “Sounds like a plan to me.”


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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