The WeenerMan and I float on downstream and finally make it to the point.
We retrieve and restring our shoelaces and leave the kegs and plank at the landing.
We hoof it back up- stream and find that Mike Fink’s crew have pulled the training-keeler up on the bank to are drain the keel-trainer. Meanwhile they themselves are sopping-wet.
Mike Fink walks up behind us and says, “AwRight, I still think there is something stinky to all this, but a deal is a deal. Get that VW rattle-trap onto the base raft and I’ll float you over to the other side.”
HM looks around, “Leaving so soon?””
“The lease from your Native American pals runs out this afternoon ,” Mke shrugs, “The boys are packing up, so we’ll be on our way to Saskatoon.”
The WeenerMan pulls Rodney onto the base raft, Mike Fink points the raft in the right direction, and then starts the motor.
“Sounds like an electric trolling motor,” HM remarks.
“Sure is,” Mike Fink grins, “The Poles come out only for races and for heavy hauling in swamps, bayous, shallow waters, and National Parks.”
“Makes sense,” I agree.
We bump into the other side and Mike Fink growls “There you are, now take that rust bucket and get off my raft!”
The WeenerMan speaks up, “Thought we might stick around and help you guys pack up.’
“On your Way!” Mike Fink bellows, “One afternoon of Weenerman per Blue Year is plenty. Matter of fact, it is Too Much!”
“He seems to hear that a lot,” I remark.
The WeenerMan drives Rodney off of the raft, “We’ll be on our way. Been Fun.”
As he drove off, I think the WeenerMan got one last RiverMan’s Salute from Micheal Fink.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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