Moat Point

The third hole on the putt-putt course was the castle.
I placed my ball 0on an outside tee and prepared to hit around the structure.
“Whatcha’ doin’ that for?” Judge Patrick asks jovially, “What with that big fat drawbridge staring at you straight in the face?”
“Um. er,” is my profound reply.
“Here, let me show you how,” Judge Patrick laughs as he places a ball on the middle tee and gives the ball a positive tap. The ball then rollls up the draw-bridge, thru the castle, and drops out the otherside, onto the green beside the hole.
“Quite skillful,” the WeenerMan compliments the Judge.
Judge Patrick tips his hat as HM Weenerman steps up to the Tee.
HM WeenerMan parses a glance down the course, looks down at his teed ball and gives the ball a tap.
The golf ball rolls down the carpet, up the drawbridge and then spins over to the left.
There is a thumping sound and the ball shoots over the castle wall to land jst short of the hole where it bounces in for a hole-in-one.
“Amazing,” Judge Patrick twizzles his moustache, “How’d you pull that off?”
“I discovered,” HM WeenerMan comments on his shot, “Tha twith the right touch, the ball will run off the left side of the drawbridge and into the catapoult, which will, in turn, launch your ball in a most favorable trajectory.”
“Indubetedly,” Judge Patrick continues to twizzle his moustache.
A Pause.
And then both the Judge and the WeenerMan are starting at me standing there.
“Well, just don’t stand there,” the Judge urges me.
“You have the Honors,” the Weenerman announces.
‘Honours, with the Scout,” Judge Patrick resets his hat, “That’ll take some gettin’ used to.”
“It’s only mini-golf,” the WeenerMan reminds Judge Patrick.
“That’s a relief!” Judge Patrick exclaims with much relief.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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