The Clown Hole

We come off the course and tabulate out scores.
HM and the Judge have done better than par. As for myself, it was a score a bit too embaressing to announce.
But right at the end we come to a green with a little ramp and a plywood painting of a merry circus clown. The nose and the mouth have been cut out to leave holes.
“And what is this?” Judge Patrick inquires.
The Clown Hole,” I answer, Max and Matlida “Put I in as sort of a novelty.”
“This entire course has rather played novelly,” Judge Patrick gruffs.
I step up to the tee-mat and promptly shoot the ball up the ramp where it hops and skips and falls through the hole.
“You holed one,” Judge Patrick is surprised, “through the mouth.”
“He wins a bottle of murky green pop,” the Weenerman grins.
“What happens if you put the ball down the nose?” Judge Patrick wonders.
I scratch my head, “You know, we never done that.”
HM shrugs his eyebrow, “We always were happy to go after the murky green pop.”
Judge Patrick adjusts his hat, “I could have figured as much,” he steps to the tee-mat, “Well, no time like now to find out.”
Judge Patrick leans over the ball when I notice something, “The nose looks a bit bigg-”
Judge Patrick shuts me up with an icey stare.
he lloks down, putts and the ball ramps up and lands right thru the Clown’s Nose.
The Clown’s eyes light up and twinkle.
“Neato,” HM Weenerman puts in.
And immediately, HM steps up to the tee-mat, whacks the ball, and watches it disappear down into the Clown-nose.
Hm practically claps his hands as the eyes light up and twinkle.
“Interesting light show,” HM Weenerman responds.
“Hmph, what do we get out of it?” Judge Patrick grumps.
Just then a battered riding lawnmower/golf cart with a chicken wire cage built around it creaks up.
“What’s this?” Judge Patrick demands.
Max sticks his head out the side, “Your in luck, you don’t have to walk back to the parking lot, for sinking the ball, we let you drive the ball-cart back.”
WeenerMan shrugs, “Saves a walk, I can dig it.”
With a Grump, Judge Patrick climbs in on the drivers side.
As he crawld in on the passenger side Weenerman looks out and asks me, “Need a lift? You can ride on the back.”
“That’s OK,” I grin, “I’ll take the long way, it will give me a chance to finish off this green pop.”
“If that murky green pop doesn’t finish you off first!” Judge Patrick warns me.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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