Set Up

And so I go about placing the silverware about some tables bolted down into the fridge-boose floor.
Sams’s got the tables set sidesways so’s folks can look out the windows why they eat.”
I look out the window, “All I can see is a bunch of elevater guys unloading trucks,” I remark.
Sam Bascom tells me that’s the sort a’ thing the city-folks like to see.” Twisty retorts, “The life of the aboriginals out here in the country.”
“Abo-? What,?” I ask, “Do the they even know what’s going on.”
Twisty shrugs, “I suppose they like to see the effort and hard-work going on,” Twisty remarks, “Good thing the Barney Bums are on the other side of the River.”
“Hey,” I start to object.
Twisty hands me a tray of silverware and napkins, “Get to work”
The silverware clatters as I set it around, “They make metal silverware?” I ask half-seriously.
“Civilized people use it,” Twisty replies.
“Real paper napkins?” I keep pushing along, “We only get paper towels at the Burdock.”
“These folks have real table manners too,” Twisty says completely seriously.
There is sort of hushed converstion coming in the Dinner-boose doorway.
Twistine steps back and surveys the interion of the ‘Boose, “There, ready just in a nick of time,” she says.
Twisty takes one look at me, “Stick around if you want to help with the dishes.”
“Later Maam,” I tip my farm-hat and quickly exit out the back.
“Riff-raff eveicted, ambience greatly improved,” Twisty quips proudly.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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