Contents in Question

We finally get the truck bed cleaned out. Pulls out a box of round chocolate carmes and gives me a couple before he snacks on a few.
“Good,” I remark, “What’s in them?”
The Driver waits a couple seconds as I scoff the choco-pellets,” he says , “are Organic.”
“And You’re a rabbit-farmer,” I gulp.
“Theyu’r eorganic,” he replies mysteriously mischeiviously.
I nearly choke, “Orrganic,” I agree.
The Driver grins, “The Mrs makes them, I don’t have no idea what’s in them.”
“Obviously,” I chough.
“Well, it’s time to go,” the driver announces as he skips over and hops into his truck, “Runs a bandanna over his forehead, “Rather toasty,” he observes.
“Maybe I can help out,” I grin and step over to the galvanized water tank the Railhead Elevator kept filled with ice and soda pop for patron convenience.
I fish thru the half-melted ice and slush for just the right brand of soda.
“”Aha,” I announce.
“Aha, what?” the driver asks.
“Just the brand,” I remark off-handedly.
“Really, what kind?” the driver asks innocently.
I raise my brow, an innocent, we have a live one here.
“My favorite kind,” I remark, “Alas, there’s only one can left, too bad you I’ll have to quaff the contents of this delectable brew,” I shrug, “But like, you know; first com, first served.”
“Yes, yes, I understand,” the driver answers with a look of disappointment.
“It’s a rarity,” I shrug.
“Like a home brew?” the driver takes interest.
“You could say that,” I grin slightly.
“A rare home brew,” the driver says almost licking his lips, “out on the homestead we don’t get much special.”
I look up, “and it’s imported too.”
The driver rolls his eyes, “Imported, must be a luxury staple.”
“Immported from Clover County Seat,” I smile, they bring a few cases out on the trunk-line train every so often,” I explain.
The driver looks at me factually, “I get so busy on the farm, even Clover County Courthouse seems like a far off place.”
“You could make it to HicksTown,” I venture.
“But I was talking about going to a far-off place, not a far-out place,” the driver intercedes.
I have to agree.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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